Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 27 — February 18, 2018

Descriptor Pool Challenges in Vulkan [wayback-archive]

  • looking at the descriptor pool problem with multiple worker threads
  • variable workload makes it difficult to correctly size the pools
  • discussions of workarounds
  • proposal of a flag for lock-free descriptor allocation
    • looking at the AMD driver code for viability

The Machinery Shader System (part 1) [wayback-archive]

  • base shader system includes
    • authoring shaders and render states
    • system for loading/reloading shaders
    • passing constants and resources from game code to the shaders
  • common problems with shader systems
  • design goals for the new system
  • walkthrough of the shader compiler interface

HDR games analysed [wayback-archive]

  • analyzed HDR screenshots from Xbox one
  • luminance ranges of different games visualized as heat maps
  • showcases HDR settings offered in different games

Efficient Rendering of Linear Brush Strokes [wayback-archive]

  • represents the stroke as a circle continuously sliding along the stroke axis
  • stamp function is being numerically integrated per pixel, allows rendering in a single pass

Efficient Rendering of Linear Brush Strokes - my graphics research paper explained [wayback-archive]

  • additional information and simpler explanation of the paper
  • more details about the problems of modeling the brush stroke discreetly

Framegraph - example implementation

  • implementation of rendering pipeline as graph of render tasks and resources
  • based on the frostbite frame graph design shown at GDC 2017

Determining Triangle Geometry in Fragment Shaders [wayback-archive]

  • how to calculate the screen space vertex positions in a pixel shader
  • using the standard derivative functions dFdx and dFdy

Khronos Announces glTF Geometry Compression Extension Using Google Draco Technology [wayback-archive]

  • extension that allows storage of compressed geometry within gltf files
  • up to 12x size reduction

ACES Leadership response to “ACES – Retrospectives and Enhancements”

  • responds of the ACEs leadership to the ACES – Retrospectives and Enhancements document
  • “The broadened scope of ACES beyond its original context will be accounted for with Video Games being a strong adoption driver to be reckoned with”

AMD μProf

  • AMD CPU profiler
  • new GUI
  • support for Ryzen processors

The Forge Cross-Platform Rendering Framework - 1.03

  • added first iOS support
  • many updates and fixes